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Who are we?

The Greek word 'Orthodox' 'Ortho - Doxia' means true belief. The Orthodox Church is the true Church, which Jesus Christ Himself began before ascending to heaven. The day of birth of the Orthodox Church is the day of Pentecost, when the Apostles led by the Holy Spirit began their missionary work. It is the Church of the New Testament. The Orthodox Church traces its heritage in an unbreakable chain to Apostolic times. Its current bishops trace their lineage to the first Apostles. The teaching and worship of the Church was formulated in the earliest centuries by their predecessors.

It was the Church meeting in Council beginning in the fourth century that formulated the essential teachings of the Church and decided on the make up of the New Testament as it is today. Our Sobor is a member of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada headed by Metropolitan Archbishop Yurij who is also our diocesan bishop. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada is under the spiritual headship of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit Church in Regina

Church Office

Ph: (306) 757-0445

2016 Parish Council

President:    Orest Warnyca        306-584-0501

Vice-President: Leeann Pillipow Kautz    306-584-7725

Secretary:    Mark Dumanski        306-789-7708

Treasurer:    Russ Pankiw        306-775-2145

Hospodar:    vacant

Past President:    Ernie Cherepuschak

Members at Large

Yars Lozowchuk
Michael Makowsky

Sonja Pacholek
Donna Van Beselaere
Michael Zaleschuk