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The Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada Goals and Objectives Regina Branch
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The Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada

UWAC is a member of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Regina Branch


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Goals and Objectives

  • to support and execute all manner of deeds and acts that contribute to the the continual growth of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, and encourage members to practice and live by Christian principles as enunciated by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada
  • to work diligently to preserve, develop and nurture the Ukrainian cultural heritage and traditions as a distinctive contribution to the national culture of Canada
  • to actively foster the principle of cultural cooperation within Canadian society
  • to focus on the education of our youth in Sunday Schools, Nursery Schools and Kindergarten, Ukrainian Schools, Bilingual Schools and CYMK-Ukrainian Orthodox Youth
  • to propagate and defend the aspirations of self-determination and human rights in all nations, with our focus directed to Ukraine by demonstrating support, both morally and financially
  • to preserve the Ukrainian cultural heritage - religion, language, customs and traditions
  • to disseminate knowledge by publishing works of Ukrainian writers, historians and journalists
  • to maintain the Ukrainian Museum of Canada of the UWAC, its Branches and Subsidiaries and to collect, preserve, research and study representative artifacts which portray the Ukrainian heritage

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Regina Branch

The Regina Branch agreed to be members of the UWAC at the organizing meeting in 1926 but was formally organized in 1927 and was given the name: Daughters of Ukraine.

Co-Presidents: Sonia Korpus and Aileen Pillipow
Secretary: Anna Kaminski
Treasurer: Sonia Bremner
Vice President: Gladys Matkowski
Past Co-Presidents: Gwen Warnyca and Natalie Ostryzniuk


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Meetings held the third Tuesday of each month

Contact: President - Cathy Luciuk 306-779-1394 or any member of the executive.

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The Ukrainian Daughters' Cookbook, now in its 12th printing!

Price: $19.95 + ($5.00 S&H) Send cheque or money order to:

Ukrainian Women's Association

1920 Toronto Street

Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

S4P 1M8

(international orders payable in U.S. funds)


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