Prior to the organization of the Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association (TYC) the male laity of our community were the ones primarily responsible for bringing about the creation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (UOCC).

At the national level, TYC National has sponsored symposia on church and community issues. TYC National launched five projects that were related to the Ukrainian Orthodox church, our general community and Ukraine.

Aims and Objectives of TYC National and all of its Branches are:

1. To perform deeds and acts that contribute to the continual growth of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada and to encourage its members to practice and live by the Christian principles as enunciated by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.

2. To develop and maintain within its membership profound pride, love and respect for their Ukrainian heritage and to promote the study and knowledge of the history and geography of Ukraine, its language, literature, music, arts and crafts, traditions and customs, as distinctive attributes of their identity.

3. To promote the welfare of and co-operate with the member organizations, institutions and affiliated members associated under the Ukrainian Self-Reliance League of Canada, paying particular attention to CYMK (the Ukrainian Orthodox Youth) where TYC shall take an active role in helping CYMK grow, prosper and develop future leaders.

4. To promote within the Ukrainian Canadian community an attitude of excellence in Canadian citizenship, to cultivate among its members a deep and abiding understanding of and respect for parliamentary institutions and the rule of law and the obligation to respect the rights of others.

5. To encourage club members, by precept and example, to lead lives based on the principles of self-respect, self-reliance and resourcefulness.

6. To aid Ukrainians in the Diaspora in their struggles for cultural, religious and human rights and in their homeland for human rights and for the rule of law.

The TYC/UOMA Regina Branch has:

* for decades supported Ukrainian language classes for various age levels;

* supported Trident Camp by holding annual work bees to make improvements and purchasing furnishings and/or equipment; also provided assistance to campers by paying part of the registration fees;

* translated Bishop Ware’s book 'The Orthodox Way' into Ukrainian and making the book available to key institutions in Ukraine. More recently, contributed to the publication of His Holiness, Bartholomew's recent book;

* conducted various fund-raising events for its activities and local projects, notably for purchasing items for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation;

* annually has held a fund-raising event in support of the SUS Foundation of Canada and helped create awareness of the foundation and the work thereof;

* annually or as situations arise, TYC has supported community projects and events such as 1) UCC-SPC's Nation Builders and & Community Recognitions, 2) Sadochok Regina, Ukrainian Pre-School, 3) UNF's Ridna Shkola, 4) various UCC-SPC and UCC-Regina's fund-raising projects, and 5) other Ukrainian community projects;

* co-sponsored and organized since its inception the parish's annual barbecue; and

* in the past most members of TYC assisted with the fund-raising at the Ukrainian Orthodox Auditorium, especially with bingos which over the years helped the church with its budget and provided thousands of dollars to many local charities. TYC jointly sponsored with the Ukrainian Business and Professional Assoc of Regina the Adult Ukrainian Language Immersion Course (AULIC).

Membership in TYC/UOMA is open to all who support the Aims and Objectives of the organization. Members of the current TYC/UOMA Regina Executive and Chaplain are:

President: Wayne Hydeman - 545-2003

Vice-President: Steve Senyk - 584-1846

Secretary: Gerry Luciuk - 779-1394

Treasurer: Tony Harras - 586-6805

Chaplain: Fr. Volodymyr Feskiv - 306-757-0445 (office)

or 306-581-5600 (cell)

Past President: Orest Warnyca

Members at Large

Jim Chorney

George Hnatchuk

Olesandr Tsuprak

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Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada

UWAC is a member of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Regina Branch

Goals and Objectives

  • to support and execute all manner of deeds and acts that contribute to the the continual growth of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, and encourage members to practice and live by Christian principles as enunciated by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada
  • to work diligently to preserve, develop and nurture the Ukrainian cultural heritage and traditions as a distinctive contribution to the national culture of Canada
  • to actively foster the principle of cultural cooperation within Canadian society
  • to focus on the education of our youth in Sunday Schools, Nursery Schools and Kindergarten, Ukrainian Schools, Bilingual Schools and CYMK-Ukrainian Orthodox Youth
  • to propagate and defend the aspirations of self-determination and human rights in all nations, with our focus directed to Ukraine by demonstrating support, both morally and financially
  • to preserve the Ukrainian cultural heritage - religion, language, customs and traditions
  • to disseminate knowledge by publishing works of Ukrainian writers, historians and journalists
  • to maintain the Ukrainian Museum of Canada of the UWAC, its Branches and Subsidiaries and to collect, preserve, research and study representative artifacts which portray the Ukrainian heritage


Regina Branch

The Regina Branch agreed to be members of the UWAC at the organizing meeting in 1926 but was formally organized in 1927 and was given the name: Daughters of Ukraine.

Co-Presidents: Sonia Korpus and Aileen Pillipow
Secretary: Anna Kaminski
Treasurer: Sonia Bremner
Vice President: Gladys Matkowski
Past Co-Presidents: Gwen Warnyca and Natalie Ostryzniuk 



Meetings held the third Tuesday of each month

Contact: Co-President - Sonia Korpus 306-352-3704 or any member of the executive.

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The Ukrainian Daughters' Cookbook

Price: $19.95 + ($5.00 S&H) Send cheque or money order to:
Ukrainian Women's Association
1920 Toronto Street
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
S4P 1M8

(international orders payable in U.S. funds)

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For more info contact:

Donna Van Beselaere at 306-789-8879


1110 McNiven Avenue, sponsored by the Regina Ukrainian Orthodox Housing Corp., (non-profit), is an attractive planned community for senior citizens. This spaciously landscaped development offers independent living accomodations, communal facilities for dining, socializing, recreation, crafts and support services that promote an enriched, enjoyable lifestyle.Located on a five acre site in a desirable residential area, the complex retains and integrates McNiven School including the gymnasium where dining, lounge, games, crafts, reading and physical fitness facilities are located. A chapel is also included.

Unique to this project is the all weather climate controlled walk-way linking all facilities. The link-way is heavily glassed and features sitting areas and a greenhouse. An enclosed court-yard affords privacy, and ample grounds are fully landscaped with lawns, flowerbeds, shrubs, shade and fruit trees. Space is available for gardening. Adjacent parkland, and nearby Wascana Centre contribute as well to an exceptional housing environment.

1110 McNiven Ave

Phone: 584-1844

Fax: 585-3200

Manager: Orest Warnyca

Back To TopThe Society of Prosvita

The Society of Prosvita originated in Ukraine, mainly to educate the people and to help develop the culture. Early Ukrainian settlers to Canada depended on organizations such as Prosvita for information and enlightenment. The Regina branch was established in 1921, making it is the oldest Ukrainian operating organization in Regina.

For many decades the Society of Prosvita operated from 1817 Quebec Street. This facility was sold when the Ukrainian Orthodox Auditorium was built at 1625 Montreal Street.

Most of Prosvita's efforts go toward the support of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and its community. The organization is a strong supporter of the Mohyla Institute in Saskatoon and the Ukrainian Voice. Fund raising for all of the above has been a major project for the organization and large amounts of money have been raised. Other projects supported include Selo Gardens, Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Ukrainian Canadian Congress, and Ukrainian Orthodox Youth projects
President: Orest Warnyca -- 306-584-1844
Vice-President: Steve Pillipow -- 306-586-6805
Secretary: Michael Makowsky -- 306-789-0480
Treasurer Russ Pankiw -- 306-775-2145
Members at Large:
Gladys Matkowski
Mark Dumanski
Michael Zaleschuk
Marge Dumanski

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